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European Union (EU) GMP Certificate
Music for Peace
We have been honoured with the First Prize for Reducing Energy Intensity in Industrial Business Category in our Sector in the "Project Competition for Energy Efficiency in the Industry"
TraceLink Integration Certificate
Responsible Care Seminar at Yıldız Technical University
An article by our Chairman of the Board of Directors in KIPLAS Periyod Magazine
Un Global Compact Corporate Responsibilty Report
14 May National Pharmacy Day - Cyprus International University Faculty of Pharmacy

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TraceLink Integration Certificate

PharmaVision is integrated with TraceLink Track & Trace Services (https://www.tracelink.com/solutions/track-and-trace) within the scope of the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System in effect in Turkey. PharmaVision customers working with TraceLink can benefit from this integration.

PharmaVision can automatically obtain, without the participation of the customers, the sequence numbers to be used in the products to be produced and also share the numbering status formed after production automatically via TraceLink.

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