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Business Continuity Management System (TS EN ISO 22301)

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The purpose of this policy, which covers all the services we provide to our customers and all the units in our company, manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for national and international markets for domestic and multinational companies,
1) To be prepared by determining the risks against any extraordinary situation that may occur during the realization of the products and services committed to all our business partners, customers and other stakeholders in a timely and complete manner without any compromise on quality, by accepting the compliance with the legislation as a minimum condition, keeping the understanding of quality above commercial targets and human health in priority, by protecting the existence and business continuity of the organization,
2) In case of occurrence of risks incritical activities determined as a result of business impact analyses, to protect the human life primarily by applying business continuity plans prepared, to ensure the acceptable business continuity with the least possible harm and within the times determined in the plans,
3) To return to the usual operating level as soon as possible.
In this context, regular trainings, awareness raising activities, exercises and audits are carried out to test the business continuity plans in order to ensure the continuity of our business continuity practices and to make sure our employees are aware of their responsibilities.
With the participation and support of all our employees, we undertake that by taking the Business Continuity Management System standard as a reference, taking into account legal and other arrangements, our voluntary commitments and the needs and expectations of the interested parties we will allocate the necessary resources and continuously improve our performance.
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