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We Successfully Completed The Search and Rescue Team Training


As part of our Emergency and Crisis Management efforts, our Search and Rescue Team received a 5-day training on "Search and Rescue" from expert trainers at AFAD’s (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) Yeşilköy Campus, from February 12th to 16th, 2024. 

During this training where theoretical topics regarding emergency response were shared and functional applications were successfully carried out by each team member, significant gains were achieved regarding being prepared for emergencies/disasters, disaster management debris removal, casualty rescue, evacuation, and other fundamental search and rescue processes. Thanks to this training, our Search and Rescue Team has acquired the ability to organize and distribute tasks for existing rescue units until professional teams reach the area after a disaster or emergency, along with the initial intervention skills with team and equipment.

The topics covered theoretically and practically in the training include:

  • Team structure
  • Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment Introduction-Utilization-Maintenance
  • Types of Debris
  • Types of Search
  • Rope tying methods and techniques
  • Markings
  • Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear Hazards
  • Rescue and Transportation Methods for Casualties
  • Station Setup, Tower Descents and Ascents
  • Debris Mass Lifting
  • Earthquake Simulation

Following the successful completion of the training, our Search and Rescue Team has earned the certification.