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“The Best Medicine is Education” Project

For Turkey’s bright future, under the awareness that the most important investment is the investment made to people, along with our company’s focus on the importance of education and social responsibilities, “The Best Medicine is Education” project was started in order to provide scholarships, interning possibilities, and job opportunities, since its inception in 2006, to firstly female students attending the Vocational School’s Chemistry Department and Pharmacy Faculties, with help from The Association to Support Contemporary Lifestyles. The project continued under this title until 2012. Afterwards, we have maintained our commitment to contributions to scholarships for Vocational School’s Chemistry Department and other high school students.

For the project, which started with a press conference on the 25th of November 2006, our most important resource is revenue acquired from recovering recyclable wastes (brought from our employees home and collected from the factory’s wastes). As a result we would like to thank all of our employees who voluntarily collect newspaper, glass bottles, soda cans, water bottles, polyethylene bags and bring them to the workplace to be recycled.