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PharmaVision PEYOS Trainings

PharmaVision has revised its Performance Management System in accordance with its current management approach and corporate culture, with the help of Prof. Dr. Cavide Uyargil who is an expert in the field.

Our aim with this new system we named PEYOS is to provide a safe, respectful working environment for our employees, where the values of business ethics are cherished, where they can clearly know what is expected from them, where their performances will be evaluated transparently through mutual interviews, and where participation in teamwork will be encouraged so that they can freely express their creative ideas and opinions.
PEYOS related trainings were completed on-line by Prof. Dr. Cavide Uyargil between 04.10.2021 and 15.10.2021.
We hope and wish that the effective implementation of the system will provide significant benefits and contributions to our employees, to our managers and to our company.